The Comeback of Live Events

The day that a mysterious virus was first reported to have sickened dozens in Wuhan, I was throwing a party.

Not just any party — A New Year’s Eve blow out for Meow Wolf, the arts and entertainment collective I worked for. It turned out to not only be our highest grossing NYE, but (objectively, I swear) the most fun party we’d ever thrown.

Summer 2021

Besides being willing to lose buckets of money, promoters must be profoundly optimistic.

Late 2021/Early 2022

If our government gets it together (a large “if,” I’m sure you know), this timeline feels more realistic.

Mid-2022 and beyond

Consider this: The US has been averaging about 200,000 vaccinations a day. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading expert on infectious diseases in the country, recently said that it’d take “75 to 80-plus percent” of the population having resistance to coronavirus to gain protective herd immunity.


Masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Venues will require them, I’d imagine, indoors or out. (Yes, even if you’re vaccinated, so says the CDC.)

Social distancing

Venues may return with lowered capacities at first; they might not. Margins are thin in the music industry, and fewer people means fewer reasons to open in the first place.

Air circulation

If indoor venues want to come back this year, their owners should update their air circulation systems. The venues that open first will be under the most scrutiny, which is why they should have their safety bases covered.

Vaccine lists

If Boston Dynamics dancing robots didn’t tip you off, let me confirm it: We are officially living in a sci-fi novel.

Buck wild

Wanna know why the Roaring Twenties were roaring? Well, read the Great Gatsby (for free, now that it’s in the public domain!) .



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